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  National Conference on Future Perspectives of Sc.& Tech. in Society and Governance held at SSV College, Hapur on 29-30 November 2014  
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  Dr Shashi Vashistha g   Rahul Kansal g
  Principal   Office Superintendent
  Office: 0122 - 2316818   Mobile: 7895611100
  E-mail: ssvcollege1951@gmail.com   Office: 0122 - 2316818
  Website: www.ssvpgcollege.org   E-mail: ssvcollege1951@gmail.com
    Website: www.ssvpgcollege.org
  Sh. Narendra Kumar g   Sh. Lokesh Kumar g
  Accountant   Librarian
  Office: 0122 - 2316818   Office: 0122 - 2316818
  E-mail: ssvcollege1951@gmail.com   E-mail: ssvcollege1951@gmail.com
  Website: www.ssvpgcollege.org   Website: www.ssvpgcollege.org
  RTI  (First Applicant Officer) RTIO
  Dr. Sudhir Kumar SMT. Rekha Singhal
  HOD Senior Clerk
  Mobile: 0122-2316818 Mobile: 8368412224
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